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  1. I raw it

    QLD Liability of accident

    Recently, my vehicle was involved in a crash in a parking lot. I had reversed out of my parking space and moving forward, then a car hit my car from the back damaging the rear of my vehile. I had done the checks and looked into the mirror before and while reversing and there was no cars coming...
  2. justinasir

    ACT Reversing accident

    Hi We are reversing our ute attached with a trailer from car port. when we are completely in the road the other party hit our trailer. His windscreen was covered with Frost and i saw in internet that its a offence to drive a car with frost in winter. we have camera footage that the other person...
  3. A

    WA car accident at intersection

    my son had a car accident at a intersection,when he approached the intersection at 20 km the lights turned green. he proceeded to move forward , a ute came from his right side and hit the front end on the the driver side. He reported this to the insurance company, and his girlfriend submitted a...
  4. P

    VIC Red light fine dispute. Car accident.

    Hello, In late December I was involved in a nasty car accident. The driver hit my passenger side and smashed my car to peices. I had checked the light before going through and it was definitely green. However while I was trapped in the car, the other driver and her friend began pulling cars...
  5. O

    QLD Car park accident & duty of care unloading trucks.

    Greetings Legal Minds, & thanks in advance. Can i begin with the short version. Can i load accident photo’s here ?..Mmm My 20 year old daughter pulled into a carpark 7 months ago in Sth Brisbane & her vehicle hit the rear hydraulic loading ramp of a delivery truck while he was unloading his...
  6. K

    SA Cost of repairs to (rented) vehicle payable by employee?

    My son works for a florist who rented a van from a car rental company for deliveries. He was asked to drive the vehicle and in the course of doing so accidentally scraped the roof whilst parking under a tree at the direction of the employer. Apparently, the cost of roof repairs (over $3000) is...
  7. D

    WA Car dealership wrote off car on test drive

    I have a friend who took her late model Mitsubishi suv to a dealership for a service. When she contacted them to collect it they requested more time and when she arrived at the end of the day she discovered her vehicle on a flat bed truck with the front end destroyed. The dealership had in the...
  8. J

    NSW 5 grand in damages on right turn accident, who's at fault?

    Hello I'm hoping someone out there can help me understand exactly who is at wrong when it comes to this accident. The accident happened in busy Sydney traffic at approx. 5:30pm. I was driving home from work happy that the day was finally over, but the last thing that I thought would meet me on...
  9. R

    VIC Accidentally clicked on Illegal Website

    Sorry if this post comes off as weird since I'm sure nobody has heard off this situation before. My friend told me about a cookbook called the "Anarchists Cookbook" so I searched it up and clicked on a pdf copy, then that same friend told me that the book was illegal in many countries and it...
  10. P

    QLD At Fault Accident Repayments

    Hello, I have a family member who was recently in a car accident. They are at fault in the accident and their insurance had lapsed 2 weeks prior to the accident. They are employed, but currently not working due to a degenerative injury prior to the accident, and it is unclear if they are going...