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  1. linda.calitz

    WA Traffic Law - Son in Motorbike Accident - Pay the Other Person's Costs?

    Hi All, My son was in a motorbike accident with another vehicle last year. His motorcycle insurance lapped and he wasn’t covered at that time. We received the police report and also spoke to the police, they said that they can't indicate that anyone was at fault as it was purely an accident...
  2. K

    VIC Service Centre Crashed My Motorcycle - Charges under Australian Consumer Law?

    Im from NZ. Moved to VIC 2 years ago. I brought a new motorcycle 1 year ago. I took it for its 22000km service new tyeares and a carby tune as it was running a lil rich. They test rode it in the wet in new non scrubbed in tyeares and crashed it. They didn't call me until 2 hours after the crash...
  3. M

    SA Motorbike Stolen then Recovered and Held by Police?

    Hi all. My motorbike was recently stolen, then recovered about 6 days later damaged. Police informed me that they are holding the bike for forensic testing. They have had the bike for 2 weeks now and I have no idea when it will be released. They have obtained DNA from me to sort mine out from...
  4. S

    QLD Motorcycle Insurance Claim Issues

    My son and I went for a ride at the weekend. My son riding his motorcycle slipped on the road and consequently knocked me off my motorcycle. He has comprehensive motorcycle insurance and I am uninsured. His insurance company is claiming that because we live under the same roof they will not pay...