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    Im a Uber driver in South Australia and I'm wounding if I'm legally allowed to record (video and audio) inside my vehicle while passages are aboard. This would be strictly for safely. I've had a look at the Passenger Transport Regulations 2009 Section 6 which only mentions that Taxi's must...
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    VIC Commercial Law - Claim Lost Income Due to Taxi Commission Errors?

    I want to know my legal recourse for the following situation: I am in the process of registering as a commercial driver in Victoria to drive for Uber. 25/09/2018 - Paid fee to process driver accreditation. Still needed to provided certified ID and Medical check. 04/10/2018 - Submitted...
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    NSW Removing Negligent Driving from Criminal Record?

    7 years ago I had a motorcycle accident that left me a paraplegic, been unable to get work since, what with my disability and age (65) against me. Fast forward to present I decided to do Uber as a job, got an appropriate age vehicle, had it modified for wheelchair driver and submitted all my...
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    QLD Car Accident - Claim for Loss of Income Valid?

    I was involved in a minor car accident with an Uber driver, in which I was at fault. My comprehensive insurance covered the repairs to his vehicle, however, now they are claiming "loss of income" due to their time off the road for repairs. They have directed this claim to me as their car...
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    QLD Legality of Recording Passengers in Uber with Dash Cams?

    Hi, What are the privacy laws regarding using an in vehicle dash camera to record passengers in an Uber? Are Uber's considered public spaces? What are a driver's responsibilities when using a dash camera? Thanks in advance!
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    VIC What Australian Law is UBER Australia Breaking?

    I'm curious about what Australian law UBER Australia is breaking and how they (generally) get away with it?
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    NSW Sponsored with 457 Visa - Possible to Work for Uber Australia?

    hello, I have a question about the 457 visa. I'm sponsored as a chef at the moment and I'm looking to start doing some uber job to increase my salary. I read than with the 457 visa we can not work for two different company, but with uber Australia, I would be working for myself, so I would...