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    Hello everyone, I had applied for my student visa renewal (Onshore) in May 2017. As i did not know much about the process so i decided to take help from a migration agent in Brisbane. I paid their fees and received my Bridging Visa A next day. The agent informed me that the process of student visa renewal is slow at the moment and i might be waiting for 8-12 weeks for the result. I had no issue with that and i continued attending collage, where i was studying. I contacted the agent again after 6 weeks after i had applied for my visa renewal and they said it is still in process. "Don't you worry, we will contact you by email or phone once we hear anything from DIBP about your application", They said. I waited another few weeks and went to my agent's office to find out what's going on. Only then i found out that my visa renewal got refused by DIBP and they had sent me an email about it. But the truth is that i never never got any email from the agent. I asked them that why didn't they contact me on my phone when i had told them that i'd be going for MRT review if there's negative outcome? They said to me that they thought i am not happy with the decision and hence didn't reply to them back. WTF. I couldn't even apply for MRT review as it passed required 28 days window. I became an Unlawful Citizen. I went straight to immigration office in Brisbane and told them everything. They issued me a BVE. I had to leave the country with a 3 years ban and a doomed future. Can i make a complaint about that agent to Immigration Australia and what should i expect from this? Sorry for long post. Thanks for reading.
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    A dodgy immigration agent? Noooo seriously, who would believe that?? (apology for the extreme sarcasm).

    Not sure what you can do about it? But there is a life lesson here, never leave important things in the hands of others and leave them too it. You gotta be pro active, get in their face, watch them like a hawk!

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