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  1. M

    QLD Complaining about Migration agent

    Hello everyone, I had applied for my student visa renewal (Onshore) in May 2017. As i did not know much about the process so i decided to take help from a migration agent in Brisbane. I paid their fees and received my Bridging Visa A next day. The agent informed me that the process of student...
  2. Nickstone92

    WA Permanent Residency for People with Criminal Offence?

    Hi All, I've recently been charged with an offence and had my visa cancelled under the surveillance act for recording a private activity in which I'm not a part of. I got onto a bridging visa E so that I can fly back to my home country voluntarily and not be detained or deported. My criminal...
  3. D

    NSW New Citizenship requirements-eligibility ?

    Question about citizenship My wife has had her Permanent Residency 801 since August 2015 and arrived in Australia in July 2012 on a 300 visa.(nearly 5 yrs in the country nearly 2 yrs PR) We put some things together to apply for citizenship but had it on the back-burner as we had travelled and...
  4. W

    SA How to Claim Compensation from Migration Agent?

    Hi, Recently my complaint on my previous migration agent has gotten a result. MARA, after 6 months of investigation, decided that the immigration agent breached the Clause 2.1 of Code of Conduct for Immigration Agents, but no further action has been taken. Then I emailed the previous agent to...
  5. S

    NSW Department of Immigration - Do They Contact Previous Migration Agent?

    Hi, I have recently sponsored my Fiance on a Tourist Visa Subclass600, we used a Migration Agent that were absolutely useless dealing with our application but after a frustrating 10 months the Visa was approved and she spent 3 months here. We are now wanting to submit a Prospective Marriage...
  6. Tasha W

    Agent Suspended by MARA - Get a Refund?

    I received MARA's decision last year that my former immigration agent is suspended for 5 years from getting a licence and the decision stated that I can get a refund from the payments I made to him. I was instructed by MARA to file a minor civil dispute to WA Tribunal to get a refund from the...