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NSW How to Renew Subclass 461 Visa after Relationship Breakdown?

Discussion in 'Immigration Law Forum' started by Magda, 26 February 2015.

  1. Magda

    Magda Guest

    I would like to find out how to renew visa subclass 461 visa after relationship breakdown with the NZ citizen.
    I called the immigration office and was told I CAN renew my visa, provided that:
    • I have maintained Australian residency (which I had)
    • I continue to meet health and character requirements (yes)
    • I do not become member of a family of another person (no, me and my NZ husband are still married. However, he moved back to NZ 2 years ago and I started to see an Australian citizen 8 months ago).
    When I asked HOW to renew my 461 visa I was told I need to apply for new one, which I cannot do because me and my NZ husband had split up.

    Is there any other renewal path?

    I would greatly appreciate your help.
  2. Victoria S

    Victoria S Well-Known Member

    9 April 2014
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  3. Mitchell Kelly

    Mitchell Kelly Well-Known Member

    8 February 2015
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    Complete a Form 147. It takes into account a relationship ending at Question 8. If you are in a relationship with someone else (anyone), you will not be eligible for the 461 visa. You may need to look at a Partner visa with your Australian partner if you wish to stay here.

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