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    VIC Employment Law - Insurances Necessary for Work as Sub Contractor?

    I have recently been seeking work as a sub-contract archaeologist. One company I contacted says that I am required to have Public Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance and Personal Accident and Injury Insurance before they give me any work. If they do, no regular amount of work...
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    NSW Negligence and Professional Misconduct by Psychologist?

    How to access professional indemnity insurance, when no money!? Can you tell me how a person on a pension can get justice? I was damaged by a psychologist. She later suicided. I have been informed that I cannot claim on her professional indemnity insurance because I am not rich and have no...
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    VIC Company Directors Dispute - Getting Screwed?

    A friend and I are Company Directors in a company. It is setup so that we profit split 49% for me 51% for her. We have a standard constitution covering the business activities. I’m a website developer and have worked for free for the past 3 years developing a website from scratch from my...
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    QLD Fraud to Non Disclose Possible Defamation Case with Insurance?

    Committee members applied for liability cover and didn't disclose a possible defamation case. The committee were advised in writing that legal action was more than likely to occur and become very messy prior completing the professional indemnity insurance documents. Is this fraud. Any suggested...
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    SA How to Claim Compensation from Migration Agent?

    Hi, Recently my complaint on my previous migration agent has gotten a result. MARA, after 6 months of investigation, decided that the immigration agent breached the Clause 2.1 of Code of Conduct for Immigration Agents, but no further action has been taken. Then I emailed the previous agent to...