NSW Commercial property neighbour has camera on my 16 year old daughter and I

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Kirstie White

28 February 2020

I currently have a commercial lease for my business.
My daughter often comes to my work after school and will sometimes do a workout or play with our dog in our car park area or at the front of our unit.
My concern is that the guy next door has always been quite rude and has had times where he’s yelled obscenities at us. What worries me is he has his camera facing directly towards my place and my car spaces.
I believe he is watching my daughter and I want to know if I can stop him doing this via his camera.
Can I? And what would be the legislation I would refer to to have his camera turned onto his own space instead of directly at mine?
I feel it’s very inappropriate and surely he’s not within his right to do this....?!
I would like to send a letter to the body corporate to have him remove it or at least face it towards his own areas.