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Aircraft leases are leases used by airlines and other aircraft operators. Airlines lease aircraft from other airlines or leasing companies for two main reasons: to operate aircraft without the financial burden of buying them, and to provide temporary increase in capacity. The industry has two main leasing types: wet-leasing, which is normally used for short-term leasing, and dry-leasing which is more normal for longer-term leases. The industry also uses combinations of wet and dry. For example, when the aircraft is wet-leased to establish new services, then as the airline's flight or cabin crews become trained, they can be switched to a dry lease.

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    VIC Commercial Lease Question

    I'm a tenant in a commercial property and one of the outgoings is for a commercial bin, which we need, agreed to, and pay for - problem is no bin has been provided. The agent just ignores us or makes excuses ("it will arrive next week" - never arrives, "just get your own bin in the meantime" -...
  2. T

    VIC Commercial Lease rent increase

    Hi there, my commercial monthy rent is due today and I was only given notice yesterday that my rent has increased by CPI and payable today. Is there meant to be some sort of notice period to increase the rent? I would have thought at least 30 days but i cant find any information anywhere. The...
  3. P

    QLD Commercial lease- Covid and early termination of lease

    Landlord took possession of commercial lease during negotiations of surrendering the lease. Rent its paid up to date Landlord used equipment not owned by him to barricade the doors and took possesion of lessees property as well as hired equipment within the venue. To date there hasn't been any...
  4. C

    VIC Commercial Lease Documents Victoria

    I am the lease holder of a commercial property. All of my documents were destroyed and I would like a copy of everything the real estate have. I have asked numerous times and have been refused. I questioned why and they said it is not a legal requirement. That I was responsible for the original...
  5. H

    Holding over month to month

    My 5 year commercial lease expired, as I was intending the business to sell and the new person to sign the new lease. Instead I am still here on a month to month term, as a default from the previous lease. The new lease requires me to pay $120,000 for the equipment in it, which I am not prepared...
  6. J

    WA No lease signed, No Disclosure Statement, No bond back ?

    in 2016, I found a commercial property that I wished to lease. This was my first time leasing a commercial property. I signed an OFFER and AGREEMENT TO LEASE provided by the Managing Agent. It included rent, outgoings (responsible for all), maintenance, Lease documentation, deposit, bond...
  7. J

    QLD Commercial Lease Contract

    Hi all, Before New Years I spent approximately 2 months applying for the right to lease the kitchen at a local Bowls club. This was a very time consuming task, had to put together proposals, references, resumes etc. Eventually the proposal was accepted, and we signed a contract for 6 months...
  8. V

    QLD Commercial Lease and sale of property

    Hi there, Im just seeking some information, please? I have a commercial lease with 8 months to go with an option of 2 yrs. My intention when I started this business was to build it up to on-sell, which I m currently in the process of doing.(prospective buyer wants a 5 plus 5 plus 5, which...
  9. F

    Assignment of Commercial Retail Lease

    We are currently in the final days of purchasing a business from family who have owned it for 20years it was previously owned for 15years. The retail business will Not change In any way. our family have operated this retail business from this Particular premises for the past 9 years , the last 2...
  10. B

    QLD Continuing a commercial lease- Legal Costs

    Hi, I am relatively new to commercial leases but am just about to renew a lease for an office space (have been here three years). Our landlord's solicitor is saying that a continuation without changes will cost around $2000 and I am wanting to check if this is fairly standard as it seems a lot...