Case outline layout help please

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15 May 2018

I would like to submit a case outline prior to my next hearing and was just wanting to find out how they are generally written. It is not Court ordered however, I feel it may be of assistance to the Judge as they are new to the matter.

On the Federal Circuit Court website, there is a Case Information form - is this sufficient?

Or do I need to draft it similar to an affidavit, with headings for each order sought by myself, along with proposed witnesses and events.

Thank you

Jake Matherson

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15 June 2018
Hey Charley,

I cant find the form you're referencing in the FCC.

We were Ordered and my ICL filed a "Case Outline" in the Family Court Of Australia.
Link to form.

They just listed chronologically in Part D. Date and Event for all of the relevant information.

xx/xx/xx Father born.
xx/xx/xx Mother born.
xx/xx/xx Parents commenced to live together.
xx/xx/xx Child born (now aged 99).
xx/xx/xx Parents separated.

An affidavit would not be the place to list this information.
You shouldn't be repeating what you've already asked for in an Affidavit.


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15 May 2018
Hi Jake, thank you for the reply.

The form you have linked is the one I was referring to :)

Good to know I was almost on the right path, much appreciated