QLD Breach of Privacy by Police and Channel 10 - Sue for Compensation?

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28 July 2015
I want to take action against the police and channel 10 for broadcasting me on Gold Coast Cops. I was being recorded by police in my house without my permission or knowledge. Channel 10 have broadcasted me on TV preview showing my face saying "Australia's dumbest criminal and this criminal has gone and done it". They have also uploaded a video clip from my personal cell phone showing me half naked. The preview is about 25 seconds long. Video has now been removed by channel 10.

My civil rights has been violated, an invasion of privacy. It's harassment, I feel insulted. I have been humiliated, embarrassed and I'm suffering depression. I also feel that I cannot leave my house. I want to sue for compensation.

Could you please advise me what action I can take? Or who you would recommend to pursue this with?

I can't seem to find any help over the phone.

Tracy B

Well-Known Member
24 December 2014
Hi there,

There is generally no privacy rights in Australia. However, you may have an action in defamation (against Channel 10) or breach of privacy against the police as they are under particular obligations. I suggest speaking with your local community legal centre about your rights. It's complicated by the fact you were caught attempting/committing a crime. Were you charged for an offence? Were you convicted?