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  1. mossyblog

    QLD Query on Telecommunications Consumer Protection?

    Today, if you sign up with an Internet Service Provider (Retail), you are first and foremost bombarded with a series of protection waivers and agreements that are interlinked (badly cited) online. Furthermore there are situations where they implicitly ask you to agree to opt out of Part 5 of the...
  2. W

    SA Privacy Breach by Telecommunications Company - Compensation?

    Some years ago I gave evidence in a court case where an outlaw motorcycle gang member was sentenced & since then I have tried my best to keep private details such as mobile phone number & home address etc private. Fast forward to November last year I was horrified to find a brand new 2015 phone...
  3. M

    NSW Telemarketing Calls from Referral Partner Services but I'm on ACMA Do Not Call Register

    I keep getting telemarketing calls from Referral Partner Services (they also call themselves "RPS" - how original!) wanting to sell me life insurance. They call from (02) 9037 1462 but are in New Delhi in India. I am on the ACMA do not call register. What else can I do to stop these calls under...