VIC 5 year Dvo will this effect my Residency application

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3 July 2020
Hi to everyone on this forum, and thank you for reading my question.

So just a bit of a back story: The Dvo was issued in QLD by the police as they showed up at the house for a welfare check as I had rung them on Saturday night saying my wife is threatening to commit suicide, and I need someone to go check to see if she is ok because I am down in N.S.W at work and she is all alone in Brisbane. They checked up and she spoke to them through the fence and they left

on Sunday night the officers came around and did a welfare check on her and demanded to be let in the house, we have a 6ft colorbond fence around the property, she let them in. the police saw she had marks around her neck and asked if she had done that to herself because if she did she would be taken to the psychiatric ward and be held for a long time, she was terrified and that's when she, my wife lied to them about DV No statement was given and they said it was just a chat. All this time this was going on I was out of state for work and I had no idea about any of this including her marks on her.

The following day the Monday morning, the police came to the house to issue the PPN and that's when she told them it was all lies, They asked her if she was suicidal and she said yes, a bit. They then handcuffed her and put her on a police hold and took her to the hospital, I tried calling her but kept getting her voicemail. She was then taken from the hospital at 01:00 am to another hospital as they told her they needed beds, she was taken to the Brisbane hospital to the Mental health unit. The following morning the Wednesday I get a call and its a man asking me would I like to accept a call from Ms ****, I say yes, where is she. She gets on the fone and tells me where she is and what is happening, I'm still in N.S.W while this is going on. I am told by the doctors that I can come to the unit to see her. I flew home and went to see her, I have never felt that pain or sadness in my life, to see what she had done to herself my heart was shattered. When she got released from the unit a few days later, she was asked to go give a statement to the police as they had heard she was at the Psychiatric, she went and gave a written signed statement unit about how she lied and what really happened to her.

The mention was changed 3 different times and we only found out after waiting at the courthouse all day on those three different occasions, so many $$$ spend on me retaining a lawyer and then to be told the date had been changed. Eventually, the last time we went to court on 05 July 2018, I was told to accept without an admission as the police would not drop the case and those are issued for a minimum of 5 years. Mine got issued back in July 2018, with no conviction or any bond. I have had it for almost 2 years, incident-free with zero breaches. We were told to wait till 2 years have passed without any incident before we apply to get the DVO varied.

We have had our Residency application lodged with immigration for 25 months now, and we have an RMA and we never seem to get any response from them. So will this be an issue with our application? We

I do apologise for such a long-winded question and thank you very much for your time if you managed to get to the end.
Have a good day