SA Work as Responsible Person while breaching Late Night Code of Practice

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25 April 2015
Hi there,

I work in an entertainment venue in SA as an Responsible Person (RP), there is a section "No Entry or Re-entry after 3am" under the Late Night Code of Practice. The Owner of the venue, FYI, my boss sometimes let people in from the back door after 3am. He is not on duty or roster shift but myself or other team member will be the RP on the night.

We are worrying that if police catch my boss let people in after 3am but we didn't stop him or ask them to leave (not we don't want to but we can't), we will end up guilty of an offence.

1. Will this matter goes to the court and end up with a criminal record?
2. Who should responsible for this offence and fines? Should my boss which is the licensee responsible for it or the RP?
3. What if the back door doesn't locked and people come in by themselves?

Thank you very much!

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Are you directly employed by the venue,
or are you employees of a third party security provider?