VIC Will I be Granted Partner Visa Straight Away?

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7 October 2018
Hi everyone.

I’ve got some questions regarding being granted 801 straight away (skipping 820).

I have been in a relationship with my Australian partner since 2013. From 2013 to 2015, my partner visited me in Norway and stayed with me and my family for either 6 or 9 months in total (have to double-check), during his university breaks. From 2015 to 2016 I was an exchange student in Australia and stayed with him and his family for roughly 11 months. Then in 2017, I moved to Australia to go to university and live with him and his family for 3 years (my entire bachelor's degree).

So at the moment, I have lived in Australia with him for about 2 years in total, including my time as an exchange student. It is likely that we won’t apply for the visa until 2019, so by then I have lived in Australia with him for 3 years.

We have lots of evidence on our relationship over the past 5 years (lacking some financial aspects as both our families let us live for free, but I think we can mostly get it covered), and I’m therefore wondering if it is likely that I could get granted 801 directly?

However, our relationship started when I was 15 (in 2013), and I wonder if that will affect the way the case officer looks at our case?

My next question is; what would happen if I were granted the partner visa or 801 visa while I am still on my student visa? Would it not go into effect until the end of my student visa (2020)?


*The total time I have stayed in Australia with him, including my exchange student period is 2 years - or 3 years if I apply in 2019

*The total time he has stayed with me in Norway is roughly 9 months

*We have evidence of being in a committed relationship since 2013 but had a long distance relationship until 2017

Thank you.