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    I’am an Australian resident, married very recently. We know each other for nearly 15 years and its an arrangement marriage. In the mutal agreement we stood up with the decision : due to work conditions and need to apply my citizenship so I have to come back to australia and my partner is a software engineer with 10 years of work experience, so he stayed back in India due to his work.

    To apply a partner visa is ok. In march it was only 14 months waiting period. But, now
    the waiting period for partner visa 309/100 is such a long 21 months. We already missing each other. According to Indian (hindu) culture it effects the family relationships. Family and relatives are worrying about that long period need to stay separate even tough after marriage.

    Could someone able to help me with my queries is much appreciated.

    I would like to bring my husband as a student visa for one year short course, it helps him for his career development and he can stay with me.
    I could mention in the student visa application we are married.
    He continues his study and finish his course.
    When the time comes to end the student visa then, Which visa he can eligible to apply to stay legally in Australia.

    Any work visas are available that he can apply. because of the shortest waiting time.

    Please help me which option is correct or suggest me the sutiable one.
    Thanking you

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