What infringment notice can QLD police write for parking in shopping centers.

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13 February 2020
At Springfield Shopping Centre there are signs posted at once entrance informing persons entering said car park that this facility is for customers only, not commuters (given the Springfield transtation next door has a short supply in car parking).

On other entrances there are no such signs or visible signs indicating the rules of enterain said car park (specifically the back area which across the road is a park that folks often use to park and swim within).

If a person where to park in said back car park, commute to work BUT on the way home use said shopping centre to pickup "food" for dinner etc, what possible infringement notice could QLD police issue under these specific circumstances.

My theory is that its unclear what the difference of a customer vs consumer is, moreover what qualifies as a reasonable use of the said car park given at the end of every day a purchase is made - ergo one could infer that loss of income of said facility isn't valid.

I ask as i've seen police pin drivers down and issue what would appear to be citations of some sort, but i'm baffled as to what that breach could actually be.