WA Shopping Centre Car Park Breach

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10 August 2020

I received a car park breach notice from a shopping centre back in November for $77. I never paid it because I was not in breach of anything I work at the centre but my husbandwas usingmy car that day to do some early Xmas shopping which is why my car was not parked in a staff marked bay. Recently they sent me a final demand as they got my details from the Supreme Court stating if I wasn't the driver I should send them a stat dec. So I did. Then they told me they want proof of purchase. Then they told me my stat dec can only be signed by a J.P.
They say if this isn't paid, legal action will be taken.
Are they bluffing? Do I have to pay?


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27 September 2015
No you dont have to pay. But they can and will sell the debt to a debt recovery agency. They will charge admin fees. It will ruin your credit rating


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6 February 2019
Then they told me my stat dec can only be signed by a J.P.
That's fair enough. ... A JP needs to ascertain to the best of their ability to

1) Make sure you are who you say you are
2) Swear before them that what is contained in the declaration is the truth
3) Witness your signature (as you sign in their presence)

That's what makes a 'stat dec' a statutory declaration & not just a worthless piece of paper with ink on it... Which is what you have if not witnessed by a JP

I recommend you do whatever it is they are requiring.. If after that they are still not happy, then you can consider inviting them to take you to court