VIC What Does Third Party Insurance with Registration Cover?

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26 October 2014
Just wondering what the third party car insurance that is included in your registration fees cover and are you covered if you are driving someone else's car ?


Compulsory third party insurance or (CTP) insures you or another driver of your vehicle against liability for death or injury you may cause to another road user as a result of an accident, if you (or the driver of the vehicle) are at fault. It does not cover you for injuries sustained by you or the driver of your vehicle OR property damage you your car or another person's car or any other property damage. For example if you run into a Ferrari, you have to pay for their repairs if you are at fault. Similarly if you run into someone's house or a shopping centre, you are liable for the cost of the property damage.

And to be clear, yes it covers other driver's of your vehicle, as it is the vehicle that is insured, not the driver.