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  1. S

    Letters from debt collector on behalf of Insurance company

    My partner accidentally banged her car on our garage door while reversing the car. This happened early July. We are renting out the apartment. We informed the real estate agent, they organized the garage door replacement thru Strata. We were never asked to pay for the damage/ door...
  2. Frances Singh

    NSW Accident Due to Negligence Causing Grievous Injuries - What to Do?

    My husband was knocked off his scooter while waiting at an intersection to turn right by a vehicle cutting across into the road space he held, and as a result, he suffered serious lower leg injuries due to this other persons negligence. As a result, when the police arrived on the scene they...
  3. D

    SA TPPD - Driver or the Registered Owner of Vehicle Liable?

    Hi, If another person drives my car with my permission and then has a car accident causing damage to third party property, who is liable? My car only has CTP insurance and not Third Party Property Damage (TPPD) car insurance. Since I was not the driver, can I still be held liable for another...
  4. J

    NSW Car Insurance can't Determine Car Accident Liability?

    I'm heavily pregnant and was driving straight approaching an intersection with green traffic lights. I was in far left lane. 2 lanes in each direction. The lane to my right was queued with stationary cars due to the lights at an intersection further up the street were red. I saw the other...