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  1. Frances Singh

    NSW Accident Due to Negligence Causing Grievous Injuries - What to Do?

    My husband was knocked off his scooter while waiting at an intersection to turn right by a vehicle cutting across into the road space he held, and as a result, he suffered serious lower leg injuries due to this other persons negligence. As a result, when the police arrived on the scene they...
  2. D

    SA TPPD - Driver or the Registered Owner of Vehicle Liable?

    Hi, If another person drives my car with my permission and then has a car accident causing damage to third party property, who is liable? My car only has CTP insurance and not Third Party Property Damage (TPPD) car insurance. Since I was not the driver, can I still be held liable for another...
  3. J

    NSW Car Insurance can't Determine Car Accident Liability?

    I'm heavily pregnant and was driving straight approaching an intersection with green traffic lights. I was in far left lane. 2 lanes in each direction. The lane to my right was queued with stationary cars due to the lights at an intersection further up the street were red. I saw the other...