third party property damage

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    NSW Storage damage due to storage company construction upgrades

    Hi everyone, thanks so much for stopping in to read my query. I had a storage unit with Kennards storage in Sydney. The company did some did some upgrades to their building and the construction company doing the work caused damage to a pipe over my unit which sprayed water all over my...
  2. D

    SA TPPD - Driver or the Registered Owner of Vehicle Liable?

    Hi, If another person drives my car with my permission and then has a car accident causing damage to third party property, who is liable? My car only has CTP insurance and not Third Party Property Damage (TPPD) car insurance. Since I was not the driver, can I still be held liable for another...
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    NSW Assault and Third Party Property Damage

    Hi, I have to attend court at the end of this month on charges of minor assault and third party property damage worth $2000. I'm just wondering, do I have to attend court if I plead guilty to the charges and just receive the verdict from the court, or can I not attend or have someone liaise for...