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NSW Website Refused to Remove Post - What to Do?

Discussion in 'Defamation Law Forum' started by Jennie, 18 October 2016.

  1. Jennie

    Jennie Member

    18 October 2016
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    When I was very emotional and upset, I placed a not very nice post and a picture of the woman my ex had an affair with on the homewrecker site. I know it was a stupid thing to do and at first, I didn't think it had gone through as I saw nothing, but last month I saw that the post had indeed been put up.

    I contacted the site owners to try and have it removed. They have refused and have refused to even remove the picture or let me edit the post either. I also contacted Google hoping they would maybe delete the page from their search results but they say they cannot (I knew that was a long shot).

    I am really worried. I know when this woman finds out she will go to the police. I know it was such a stupid thing to do. I just want the post removed so I can move on with my life.
  2. Rod

    Rod Well-Known Member

    27 May 2014
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    Send a registered letter demanding the post be removed. Keep a copy of the letter. It may not stop a lawsuit against you, but it will help. Advise the website owners that under Australian law they may also become a party able to be sued under Australian law.
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