NSW Unable to Obtain Australian Citizenship Papers?

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10 July 2019
I am an Australian passport holder who was born overseas and had parents born overseas as well. I am now being asked to prove citizenship again when I tried to renew my passport.

I have tried several times to apply for a citizenship certificate, even though I've held multiple Australian passports and renewed them easily in the past.

I have since been informed that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has had a "long-standing law that requires DFAT to be satisfied with a person's citizenship before issuing a passport, including each time it issues a new passport to a person with a current or expired passport".

I have tried to clarify when the policy was implemented or whether its enforcement has been ramped up in recent times.

I was born in Greece, my mother, father and brother came here in 1962. We were naturalised the following year and have been Australian citizens since then. I have applied and been granted an Australian passport 2 times and in the intervening years have travelled abroad with no problem, but when I tried to renew my expired passport recently I was told I must provide evidence of citizenship.

I have been advised that simply having held an Australian passport in the past was no longer sufficient.

This means I am unable to travel abroad and I cannot seek employment in many fields as proof of citizenship is required.

The Australian Passport Office has told me that I cannot use my previous passport.

I feel humiliated by this attitude of the Government questioning my citizenship.

I pay tax, I've got Medicare, everything. I've lived here for 57 years. I came here when I was five years old. There's never been a question.

Now all my plans are jeopardy.

I believe my story is not isolated, many other people in a similar situation both in Sydney and Melbourne and have shared their stories online in frustration at having to prove their citizenship again, despite renewing passports easily in the past.

When I last went to apply they said I had to get my Australian citizenship papers

I have applied several times over the last few years and have come up against a bureaucratic brick wall.

I am now appealing to the government to intervene and help me.

I have exhausted all avenues with the Dept Of Immigration and Passport Office and I need help.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Rob Legat - SBPL

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16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland


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10 July 2019
Birth certificate is not an option because it's Greek and although it's translated by an approved translator. They will not accept it because the spelling of the names is different.