NSW Swapping Goods Privately on Facebook - Where Do I Stand?

Discussion in 'Australian Consumer Law Forum' started by Piggymac, 4 October 2018.

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    4 October 2018
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    Hello everyone,

    I have a question regarding swapping second hand goods on a Facebook Buy Swap Sell group. I recently responded to an ad on a buy swap sell group on Facebook, asking if anyone would like to trade a 200-500mm Nikon lens for a 70-200mm Nikon lens.

    I had a Nikon 70-200mm lens which I was going to sell to purchase a Nikon 200-500mm lens (which are around the same price second hand). The person agreed to the swap, so we both posted the respective lens to one another, which was all good. They messaged me when they received their lens to say it was very good.

    However, a week and a half later they messaged me to say the auto focus was not working properly on their camera to which I responded that I had never had an issue with it and would not be reversing the trade as anything could have happened withing that week and a half to which the other party said that they would be in contact with their lawyer.

    How do I stand in this predicament?

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    28 May 2018
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    Depends how far their lawyer suggests they take it. You might not hear anything, you might get a summons to the magistrates court for a minor claim. I would imagine the claim would be found in your favour, unless they can demonstrate you knew of the issue, such as service history with reference to the serial number.

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