Facebook Buyer Owes Money - How Do I Get It Back?

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2 July 2014
Hi guys,
Just want a bit of information. I posted an ad on a buy, swap and sell site on Facebook for a couple of birds that I was selling. A lady who is mutual friends with some people that I know answered my ad and after speaking with her for a couple of weeks via private message on Facebook and text messages, she came to my house and she said that she wanted both birds but could only afford one of them that particular week. So stupid me, I told her that she could take both of them and just bring the money to me the next fortnight. Yes you guessed it, that was in November last year. I have been messaging and texting her and arranged for her to come over on a particular date to return the cage she also borrowed and the money.

Well I was working and she did come over and left the cage at the front door but said no one was home, which was a lie as my husband and son were and she said she wasn't going to leave the money in the letter box. So since then we spoke a couple of times and she has given me all the excuses under the sun for not paying, so I sent her a private message and text demanding payment by the 11th of this month or I would take legal action to recover the $200.

My issue is, I don't know her address. I know the area she lives and her mobile number and her contact on Facebook. How or who do I go to for advice on how to do this legally? How or who (like debt collectors?) can find her place of residence? Any advice would be appreciated, cheers.

John R

Well-Known Member
14 April 2014
Hi @chook2014,
  1. Which state/territory are you located in? This is important because small claim procedures vary by state/territory.
  2. Have you attempted to search for the purchaser using public sources, e.g. White Pages, ABN Lookup, etc.?