NSW Superfund, overseas and debt

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26 December 2020
Hi there, I'll keep this short since who needs a big story?

I had a loan left to repay of 7k from one bank in Australia nearly 3 years ago. (lost card while overseas, didn't report missing and just decided to stay a few years and work overseas and use cash to get by until I return to aus)

Anyway I created a new bank account (different bank) and deposited my early access to super into it, and now my account is frozen. Could this be related to that debt from years ago? Customer support has just told me call back in a few days so I'm kinda clueless.

Is it possibly to keep my super fund money since I need it to survive and create a new online business and pay rent and food etc. (both the bank and my superfund host know I'm currently overseas) and just pay the debt off with money remaining in my superfund instead (since I won't be able to apply for access to super again for a year, I really need this money). Do debt collection agencies work that quickly, wouldn't they or the bank first need to send me a warning or something?