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Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by Sam Clarke, 12 July 2019.

  1. Sam Clarke

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    12 July 2019
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    I have just received 2 SPER enforcement notices in regards to 2 infringements I received.
    On the 26th of march I got a letter from a Snr Sgt (Officer in Charge) telling me "No action needs to be taken to pay the penalty asociated with these Notices, until you receive further advice".
    And now all of a sudden SPER is giving me a Notice of Registeered Debt.
    Can the QLD police do this?????
    I have lodged a ethical standards complaint against the behaviour of the issuing officer (he was VERY aggressive and really wanted a physical confrontation) this complaint came to nothing, but the investigating officer did admit that the issuing officer was not operating his BWC.
    Can the police issue a notice with no evidence from a BWC?
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    6 February 2019
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    Have you spoken to the Snr Sgt about the SPER debt?... If not I would be doing that first... Possibly some mixup or failure of communication between depts

    Notices were always issued before police wore cameras... Don't see why not operating one at the time a notice is issued would invalidate it. More of an issue around accountability in certain circumstances if a complaint is made I would think..

    You may find some guidelines on their use in the QLD police procedures manual most of which is available on line to the public I believe

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