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Traffic on roads consists of road users including pedestrians, ridden or herded animals, vehicles, streetcars, buses and other conveyances, either singly or together, while using the public way for purposes of travel.
Traffic laws are the laws which govern traffic and regulate vehicles, while rules of the road are both the laws and the informal rules that may have developed over time to facilitate the orderly and timely flow of traffic. Organized traffic generally has well-established priorities, lanes, right-of-way, and traffic control at intersections.
Traffic is formally organized in many jurisdictions, with marked lanes, junctions, intersections, interchanges, traffic signals, or signs. Traffic is often classified by type: heavy motor vehicle (e.g., car, truck), other vehicle (e.g., moped, bicycle), and pedestrian. Different classes may share speed limits and easement, or may be segregated. Some jurisdictions may have very detailed and complex rules of the road while others rely more on drivers' common sense and willingness to cooperate.
Organization typically produces a better combination of travel safety and efficiency. Events which disrupt the flow and may cause traffic to degenerate into a disorganized mess include road construction, collisions, and debris in the roadway. On particularly busy freeways, a minor disruption may persist in a phenomenon known as traffic waves. A complete breakdown of organization may result in traffic congestion and gridlock. Simulations of organized traffic frequently involve queuing theory, stochastic processes and equations of mathematical physics applied to traffic flow.

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  1. C

    WA Traffic infringement

    Is it illegal to pay some one else infringement notice. i was driving my dad's car and i got a ticket for speeding (speed camera) and when i got my ticket it was under my dad name but he paid my infringement, is this illegal ?
  2. T

    Question about blood specimen testing & how long prosecution can take to deliver as evidence

    Firstly, I made some very poor judgement. I was using my phone and crashed into a sign on a traffic island on February 6th. When police attended, they asked for an explanation and I was honest in my response: I was reading a message on my phone. They breath tested me and I blew under the .05...
  3. Dave_

    QLD Vitronic Speed Camera </= 4 lanes of traffic

    Hi, I have a speeding fine in Queensland from a vehicle mounted Vitronic Laser camera. I have looked on the manufacturers web site and it says it can monitor less than or equal to 4 lanes of traffic. The van was on the other side of the road, between us was 2m of grass, 2 lanes of traffic...
  4. A

    NSW Rule 170 (3) Stop within 10m of intersection (no traffic lights) (school zone).

    Hello I have been issued a fine under Rule 170 (3) Stop within 10m of intersection (no traffic lights) (school zone). This happened in Rosehill Public School Zone 2150. I parked my car to drop my kids to school on an intersection because there was no “No Stopping” sign (there is always a No...
  5. J

    SA Traffic law

    I was fined over 100 dollars for parking in a private car park for no longer then 5 minutes I was later issued a claim of notice to pay the parking and collection services since this is not a real fine must I pay it?
  6. J

    SA Traffic laws

    I was fined over 100 dollars for parking in a private car park for no longer then 5 minutes I was later issued a claim of notice to pay the parking and collection services seeing as this is not a real fine/penalty and a cl
  7. D

    NSW Debt Collection letter from an Australian Agency collecting an Italian traffic fine

    Hi. Today i received a letter from an Australian Debt Collection Agency asking me to pay $672 for a traffic offence 9 months ago in Italy. The letter states that their client has tried several times to contact us to pay the fine. This is the first we have heard of it, but it is possible they...
  8. M

    QLD Curious Conviction

    Hello! So a couple of years ago i pleaded guilty for section 79(2)(A) & 86 (2) (E) in the Transport operations (RUM) act 1995 as I blew 0.09 on my provisional licence. why does this not come up on my national police check? I cannot find information on this anywhere!
  9. markjohn68

    NSW Do I have to answer police questions when pulled over?

    It used to be that the police could only ask your name and address, and you had to produce your drivers license (per link below). Now they can interrogate you about where you're going, why you're going there, who you're traveling with, and who you're going to see. How come? If you refuse to...
  10. B

    QLD Breach Of Notice - Traffic Monitoring Services (TMS)

    Hi, I have received 3 letters from "Traffic Monitoring Services" (TMS) claiming that we owe a total of $198 for "Outstanding Car Park Breach Notices" totalling $154, with "incurred additional costs" to pursue the outstanding amount totalling $44, hence $198. The car is owned by a business and...