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    QLD Breach Of Notice - Traffic Monitoring Services (TMS)

    Hi, I have received 3 letters from "Traffic Monitoring Services" (TMS) claiming that we owe a total of $198 for "Outstanding Car Park Breach Notices" totalling $154, with "incurred additional costs" to pursue the outstanding amount totalling $44, hence $198. The car is owned by a business and...
  2. O

    VIC Traffic Infringement Withdrawn and nothing more

    I received a Traffic Infringement Notice as was stopped for not slowing down whilst coming off one freeway and joining another. The Limit reduced to 80 and I continued at the speed which was clocked at 108kmh, it was over the Xmas period, roads were empty and there was no other vehicles around...
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    NSW No Stopping sign across side street

    Hi, I recently got a ridiculous $268 ticket for disobeying a No Parking sign, I was parked on a small section of curb on the main road between two side streets where there was no sign. The nearest No Stopping sign was across the street in front of me with an arrow pointing towards where I was...
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    VIC Traffic camera office matter

    Hey everyone, I have a traffic matter due to be heard in Court. I am representing myself. I believe I am innocent and would like to claim damages for the days that I have missed out on work to go to court, and the emotional stress dealing with the matter. I have heard I am not eligible to...
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    NSW 5 grand in damages on right turn accident, who's at fault?

    Hello I'm hoping someone out there can help me understand exactly who is at wrong when it comes to this accident. The accident happened in busy Sydney traffic at approx. 5:30pm. I was driving home from work happy that the day was finally over, but the last thing that I thought would meet me on...
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    QLD Interstate traffic history

    Hi all, I have just got an infringement notice for failing to indicate. I have lived in QLD for over 10 years and not got a single ticket, previous to that it was the NT for 2 years then 2 years in QLD, again not even a parking fine. Prior to that I lived in Vic and in maybe 2003-2004 I got my...
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    QLD Hierarchy of traffic controls

    Within a part time Clearway there can be full time no stopping zones (No Stopping sign pairs or yellow kerb lines or statutory zones like near a crossing or intersection or across a fire station driveway). The Transport Department states that the No Stopping zones prevent all vehicles stopping...
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    QLD Mistake on traffic infringement

    I got a traffic infringement today and received it via email. The mistake is the colour of the car. The notice says white but the car is very much black. What should I do and is it possible that I may be able to get out of the infringement
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    QLD Caught driving in a bus lane, no ticket given but could I receive a warning in the post?

    Happened in Queensland Australia. After some confusion I found myself driving in the bus lane. A police officer came up behind me and flashed me. I pulled over. He asked why I was driving in a bus lane. I explained I was confused (it was a genuine mistake and I do think he could see this). He...
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    SA Immigration and traffic

    Hi, I recently came to Australia on a business tourist Visa with the intention of getting a short term work if visa which is still been processed. During my time here I haven't been paid at the job I'm doing because the visa has not come through. Only recently did I receive compensation for...