NSW Speeding Fines NSW - Dispute Incomplete and Incorrect Penalty Notice?

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6 July 2015
Hello, I received a speeding ticket (speeding fines NSW) the other day. But on the penalty notice the officer left some things out.

1. He didn't tick one of the top boxes to mark what kind of penalty notice it is. ie: traffic, parking, general etc.
2. He didn't enter the date posted in the top left corner (but wrote the date in the alleged at section)
3. He didn't tick the address change indicator box (As have it)
4. He wrote the incorrect date in the alleged date section.
5. He didn't tick that it was a motorcycle in the registration plate type section.
6. He didn't circle whether the notice was a demerit offence of not.
7. He wrote the incorrect date in the date of offence section down the bottom.

Is this enough to argue the notice?



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10 February 2015
Hi there,

I think that not being notified of the type of offence, the penalty and the date would be grounds for dispute. I suggest that you give the SDRO a call. You could get the SDRO to do a review of the penalty based on the mistakes you have pointed out and then if they don't decide in your favour you would then have 28 days to apply to court.

You can discuss your notice with the SDRO before deciding what to do: State Debt Recovery Office: Contact us


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27 May 2014
Tell them to take it to court but wait till almost the last day. Give the copper time to forget the relevant details. Make sure you remember all the details and write them down while fresh in your memory.