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21 February 2018
The universal quandary of 'legal versus lawful' has reared its ugly head in my life and it is being disputed ad infinitum in court. The basics are these facts.
  1. My birth certificate is in the correct format of Xxxxxx Xxxxx so is my lawful name
  2. My bank card is in the 'legal name' format as covered by contract law as a juridical/juristic/ or artificial person
  3. It states when changing my details my 'legal name' and 'preferred name' the preferred name being the lawful name
  4. Now people in later years have the name on birth certificates in ALL CAPITALS so their legal name is also their lawful name.
  5. This translates to government services and courts to identify you by your legal name which in my case is not the lawful name.
  6. My latest foray has a complete denial that people have two names and the government documents are the ultimate in identification in the juridical ALL CAPS form
  7. I have other examples of how a persons name, working under a corporation, is shown on formal documents in ALL CAPS not representing a 'natural person' but an officer of the corporation for legal purposes. I have many other examples and I have multiple laws that are applied such as the Corporations Act among others.
  8. My question is what specific law covers the creation of a juristic or artificial person and how can this be condoned in a society that is a Common Law country that professes to be ruled by the sovereign people of Australia as stated by the High Court in various precedents as well as the Constitution, Imperial Acts Application Act(s) including the Bill of Rights?

Rob Legat - SBPL

LawTap Verified
16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
Your position is spurious and will not be accepted by the Courts. You're wasting your time. Whether a name is in capital letters or not is inconsequential. The legislation around Australia is pretty uniform from memory, and I don't know of any requirement about capitalisation of any part of a child's name. Generally, the requirements are that any name will be accepted as long as it's not offensive, indecent, too long, a "statement" rather than a name, or otherwise deemed not in the public interest.


Well-Known Member
5 February 2018
Hahahaha You have to love Freemen and their crazy shenanigans , always trying to dodge a fine with absolute rubbish. FORGET IT....Next you will be quoting David Wynn Miller to get out of a court appearance (Comma dot syntax comma comma). This post was made by That, of the family Bloke a living person on the land not the Corporate fiction ALL CAPS THAT BLOKE, :-D