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  1. Scotoz

    SA South Australia Whats in a Name?

    The universal quandary of 'legal versus lawful' has reared its ugly head in my life and it is being disputed ad infinitum in court. The basics are these facts. My birth certificate is in the correct format of Xxxxxx Xxxxx so is my lawful name My bank card is in the 'legal name' format as...
  2. B

    SA Legal Aid SA Pending Approval - Can the Court Make Orders?

    Hi. Can the family court proceed with issuing an order of return against me before my Legal Aid SA funding is approved and I'm represented by a Legal Aid lawyer? My ex already has a family lawyer.
  3. F

    SA Changing Child Custody Arrangements - Get Legal Aid SA?

    I lost custody of my daughter 5 years ago due to not appealing. I haven't had regular contact with her since. Every now and then my ex will allow me to speak, Skype or have photos of her. I've had 2 children since and my partner and I are planning on making a move to Tasmania where she resides...
  4. O

    SA Financially Associated Person - Ineligible for Legal Aid SA?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone, specifically in SA I think, has history regarding Legal Aid SA funding where midway through matter circumstances changed and what was the outcome? I was forced into lodging with Family Court purely due to ex's absolute refusal to negotiate, speak to me and...