NSW Small Debt Claim - Verbal Agreement

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2 February 2015
I entered into a verbal agreement with my daughter's ex boyfriend (boyfriend of 3.5 years at the time) to pay for his plane ticket to accompany us overseas. They broken up two months after, the ticket was cancelled and he refuses to pay for it. The ticket was non-refundable and non-transferable so I've lost all my money ($1,825). My daughter has text messages from him acknowledging it was a personal loan and stating he knew he needed to return the money to me as it was not a gift, it was a loan. I have sent him a letter of demand outlining he had 14 days to contact me and advise whether he wanted to pay the entire amount or have given him till the 5th to make an instalment of $200 a week until the debt it paid off.

If he refuses to respond to the letter, is it worth taking it further and taking to to the courts? What are the chances of me winning the case?