Signing off the biological father's parental rights

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20 January 2020
After my child was born the father to my other children sign the birth certificate form despite we both knew he was not the biological father but agreed he would be the legal father for my child. The biological father has been uncontactable since before the birth of my daughter but I do have concerns that if he may one day try to get custody or parental rights. although a DNA test would still need to be confirmed if he is indeed their biological father if then it is determined that he is the biological father and he agrees to sign off all his parental legal rights, is there a form to do such or advice on how I should obtain this to prevent if in future he wants to change this decision

Jake Matherson

Well-Known Member
15 June 2018
  1. Neither parent has any rights to the child.
  2. The child has a right to have a meaningful relationship with BOTH parents
  3. You can not "sign off all his parental legal rights"
  4. There is no form to do so
  5. In future if he does man up and want to be a part of the child's life you should encourage it. He can apply to family court for time with the child.