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Parental leave, or family leave, is an employee benefit available in almost all countries. The term "parental leave" may include maternity, paternity, and adoption leave; or may be used distinctively from "maternity leave" and "paternity leave" to describe separate family leave available to either parent to care for small children. In some countries and jurisdictions, "family leave" also includes leave provided to care for ill family members. Often, the minimum benefits and eligibility requirements are stipulated by law.
Unpaid parental or family leave is provided when an employer is required to hold an employee's job while that employee is taking leave. Paid parental or family leave provides paid time off work to care for or make arrangements for the welfare of a child or dependent family member. The three most common models of funding are social insurance/social security (where employees, employers, or taxpayers in general contribute to a specific public fund), employer liability (where the employer must pay the employee for the length of leave), and mixed policies that combine both social security and employer liability.Parental leave has been available as a legal right and/or governmental program for many years, in one form or another. In 2014, the International Labour Organization reviewed parental leave policies in 185 countries and territories, and found that all countries except Papua New Guinea have laws mandating some form of parental leave. A different study showed that of 186 countries examined, 96% offered some pay to mothers during leave, but only 44% of those countries offered the same for fathers. The United States, Suriname, Papua New Guinea, and a few island countries in the Pacific Ocean are the only countries in the United Nations that do not require employers to provide paid time off for new parents.Private employers sometimes provide either or both unpaid and paid parental leave outside of or in addition to any legal mandate.

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  1. J

    QLD Father giving up parental rights

    Hello, My boys are now 12 and 13 and have chosen not to see their dad for the last 2 years. Their father has not done anything to help this, I have advised him to get a psychologist to help rebuild the relationship with the kids, and I'd bring the kids, but he refused. He's now happy to give up...
  2. J

    Parental orders and ter

    Hi, I was after some advice on final consent orders that I want to propose that are reasonable given our circumstances. I’m the respondent. OP didn’t see child for 3 years and applied for court orders without any communication of wanting to see our child. History - My ex was diagnosed with a...
  3. P

    NSW Giving Ex Sole Parental Responsibility - Repurcussions?

    Hi, My question is related to my earlier post located here NSW - How do I walk away from parenting proceedings Trying to obtain access to my children has gotten me no where as she has fought it on all fronts, and due to an ADVO based on false allegations I’ve only been offered an hour phone...
  4. F

    VIC Sole parental responsibility

    Hi everyone, I have a rather complex and long standing parenting matter. Long story short...court order made (against wishes of child) to live with father. Acrimonious and difficult relationship between father and daughter exaccerbated, episode of physical abuse. Child left, refused to see...
  5. P

    Equal Parental Rights (Medical) and possible differences of opinion on COVID-19 Vaccine

    Hi, Let me preface this by making it known that I am not an anti vaxxer, I am vaccinated for basically everything we can and should be and I have previously had my children vaccinated appropriately without hesitation. Science works and I have a pretty low opinion of the people who before this...
  6. J

    QLD Rights to see child

    I have a Dvo, I have never been done or charge, no medical references to support claim. Until child of 8years old claim being assault it by father. No real evidence, police believe child. Now I have no access and DVD still stands but to the child
  7. kimbapuppy

    VIC Parental Alienation family court cases to be able to quote in my trial

    Are there any parental alienation family law cases in Australia that I can quote in my trial? I am the alienated parent. My kids echo the negative views of the mother, won't eat the food I cook them, never says any positive things about the father. One of the child has eating anxiety (lost a...
  8. Zarbba

    VIC Forfeit Parental Rights and Responsibilities

    My ex-partner and I split up just under a year ago but we continue to be friends and we continued to sleep together. She has fallen pregnant now but we both understood that I did not want children while she did and that if she fell pregnant she would keep the baby but that I would not act as a...
  9. T

    Interpretation of shared parental responsibility

    Hi everyone, I've been divorced for 7 years now, but still have a very rocky time with my ex husband. We have equal shared parental responsibility, but last week my kids told me their dad had sent them to afterschool care. He hadn't communicated with me at all about it, and as far as I'm...
  10. H

    NSW Significant change in circumstances - parenting orders

    Exactly what grounds are necessary to have sole parental responsibility orders revised when there has been no contact between the children and the other parent for many years and the children maintain their wish to have no contact? The orders also include no contact from the other parent...