NSW Secondhand car over 10 years old

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4 May 2017
I have bought a 2nd hand car from a dealership, which is over 10 years old so has no dealer guarantee applicable.
I was not given rego paperwork when I collected the car as it was not ready so it was posted to me. I purchased the car 1 week ago and received paperwork 2 days ago. The car was advertised as a 2005 golf but my rego paperwork says date of manufacture is 2003.
The car was also advertised drive away price but I have been send rego transfer paperwork and have to pay for transfer costs.
1 hour after purchase a warning light came on and I contacted the dealer who claims to have no knowledge of this issue in the car.
I have taken it to a mechanic and there are a number of faults with the car including engine fault codes, oil leak in the engine, torn cv boot, and an electrical fault that means the sun roof opens and closes among other things...none of these issues are covered by the 12 month warranty that was included.
I have a feeling the dealer will deny all responsibility. As it is not covered under dealer guarantee do I have a leg to stand on under ACL? Any advice on how to proceed?
Many thanks