VIC school zone during covid

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24 August 2020
Hi Guys I have received a speeding fine in a speed camera controlled school zone, the speed is reduced to 40 from 70 during set times 8-9:30am 2:30-4pm clearly stated on signage as "school days". The date of the infringement was 18th may but at the time all Victorian schools where closed due to covid, they reopened on the 26th may. I appealed the fine based on the fact that the camera should have been set to weekend or school holiday mode. The appeal was rejected with no reference at all to the circumstance, just a generic letter stating a warning would be not be appropriate. So my main question here is should i take this to court or cop it sweet, a concern is how many others will get this, in my opinion illegal fine. I also sent through the image taken from camera clearly showing no crossing control people working that day, it is a multi lane crossing so there would normally be quit a few.
thanks Mark


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27 September 2015
I was in the pasenger seat when the driver was pulled over in a school zone during the holidays. Cop refused to accept 'school holiday' defence. I reckon you've got even less chance. See the schools never closed. They were always open to the kids of essential workers.