NSW Car not in my possession at time of incident. Court ruled in Revenue NSW favour. Need to appeal. Advice?

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22 January 2020
Back in March 2021 I was abducted and my car was stolen.

While the car was stolen they racked up thousands of dollars worth of fines (Speeding (under 10kms, over 10kms, over 20kms and over 45kms), Red Light camera ), parking infringements (Non Stopping Zone, parked in bay longer than allowed)

I asked for a review on the infringement notices, which came back with no information so I requested a second review with the event number from the police and Revenue came back to me saying that they are going to keep the fines in play because they are under the belief that I knew the people who stole my car and I have to now just transfer the fines into their names. Both myself and the lead officer are bewildered by the findings as He never received a call from them and does not know how they received such false information.
My last option from there was to take the matter to court, which I did and the cases were individually assessed and I had received my notice of listing for all 7 mentions to be heard in August, September and October.

As they were only mentions and we were at the height of our Delta covid breakout, I was unable to attend Court (which was the case for everyone during August September and October). I submitted all of my online paperwork for my absence plea. I even went as far as submitting the evidence
(which was my official statement to the police) as proof of my non guilty plea.

About a week later I had received my next notice of listing for the hearings, which will be in January 2022 and February 2022. Having booked those dates in my calendar I then let the issue go.


Last week I received 2 official Court documents saying that they have heard the matter without me and have ruled in favour of Revenue New South Wales and I am to pay the fine plus the updated Court fees within a certain amount of time from the letter being sent.

The due date was already about 3 weeks overdue by the time I received the letters and opened them and I'm at a loss of how to appeal the decision that was made in my absence when I was under the impression that it was going to hearing next year.

So some advice I would like to receive would be how to appeal the courts decision and take it to district courts?
What are the supporting documentation would be beneficial for this situation.

As of this morning I do have a formal letter from the lead officer stating that the car was completely out of my possession and all fines should be removed from my name, however I'm a little concerned about that because the presiding magistrate obviously didn't take the official police statement as enough evidence in the first place.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I appreciate all advice that will be given.

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