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26 June 2020
Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time!
I recently had a problem with my MacBook keyboard. This was a recognised apple problem so I could get it fixed for free.
When I was in the shop I had to sign a paper (attached), which says ‘cracked display/trackpad/hinge?: Yes’
‘Missing screws/feet/keys?: Yes
‘Any dents or major scratches: Yes’
‘Additional notes: light scratches: yes’

so I got my laptop back and my screen was broken (which it was not when giving it to them). I pointed it out and they immediately said ‘but you signed the form’. I was in shock!
I called apple, but no luck because I signed the form.
In my opinion: reading the paper, my laptop would have been in horrible condition (cracked display, hinge, trackpad, missing crews, feet and keys: All yes), so if this were the case, why would they do a free replacement on my keyboard?
They put in the effort to state What’s EXACTLY wrong with it (sticky keys) and then the additional notes stating ‘light scratches’.
IF I had a cracked screen, would they not state this in the additional notes?
Curious to hear your opinion on this,
Have a nice day!