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Harvey Norman is a large Australian-based, multi-national retailer of furniture, bedding, computers, communications and consumer electrical products. It mainly operates as a franchise, with the main brand and all company-operated stores owned by ASX-listed Harvey Norman Holdings Limited. As of 2016, there are 280 company-owned and franchised stores in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South-East Asia operating under the Harvey Norman, Domayne and Joyce Mayne brands in Australia, and under the Harvey Norman brand overseas.

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  1. E

    WA Harvey Norman

    Purchased a smart watch online from Harvey Norman.Item arrived and would not charge so unable to use.Day after delivery took item to local Harvey Norman store,Mandurah WA where the manager checked it and confirmed it was indeed not working.He was happy to do a refund however he found he was...
  2. T

    VIC Is it illegal for Harvey Norman to sell a rug above retail price?

    The Harvey Normans from Watergardens in Victoria sold us a rug for $340. We thought that was a bargain as David, the salesclerk, stated that the retail price was $699 and $340 was the discounted price. When we arrived home, we realised the rug was damaged and we were unsatisfied with the quality...
  3. K

    NSW Australian Consumer Law on Repairs, Replacements and Refunds?

    Hello, I need some explanation regarding Australian consumer law. I bought a smartphone (06-Dec-2017) at a Harvey Norman Store which wasn't working properly for last few months and it is completely shut down with 80% battery. I can't turn it back on now. I tried after charging it again but no...
  4. BoneFido

    NSW Dodgy Sony Computer Repair - Australian Consumer Law?

    "There are no simple questions". I purchased a high-end Sony laptop from Harvey Norman, the last one HN had in the country. This was a rushed purchase, as I was in a consumer tribunal about my previous Sony Vaio when I found out Sony was pulling out of Australia. As the outcome of NCAT was...
  5. A

    NSW How to Make Harvey Norman Honour the Price?

    Hi, Today I went to Harvey Norman to buy a computer. I was assisted by a salesperson who showed me a "touch screen" HP computer on display. The computer had a sales sticker attached to the front of it stating the sale price. The salesperson stated that this was a very good price for a "touch...