QLD Recovery Order Court Appearance - Options If No Legal Aid?

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11 December 2014
I recently moved 2 hours away from regional town to be near family and try to find work. My ex has put in a recovery order and my solicitor is unavailable to appear in court. He said it is likely that I will be forced to move back. I unfortunately have no money for an agent to represent me nor do I have the money to relocate. We have a temporary DVO (domestic violence order) in place. Cannot get Legal Aid because of equity in house in which ex is living in. Court appearance is tomorrow - any suggestions?


If your solicitor can't be there, you will need to be present at the hearing. Otherwise the court will make orders without hearing your side of the story. If there is no one to represent you, you will have to tell the court why it should not make a recovery order. Prepare before you go into court and make a list of your arguments - all the reasons that you needed to move in the first place, and why it is not an option for you to move back etc. Any evidence that you can provide of your financial situation - inability to get a job in the regional town you were in etc would also be useful. The court generally tries to assist you with procedural matters you may be unfamiliar with if you don't have representation.
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