VIC Family Court - Investigate Family Violence and Place Intervention Orders?

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Active Member
19 July 2016
I am just asking for help or suggestions.

I did have a look and read people's issues and responses they got.

The court is very mindful about my children, about father's history and current but all I need to file evidence in the affidavit, and orders for the court to proceed and that's what I need help with.


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23 July 2014
So, help us help you.

What do you want suggestions on? Do you want suggestions on what course of action to take? Whether you should file for another IVO or go for parenting orders? What orders to apply for? Which court to apply to? How to write an affidavit and annexe materials? What the outcomes might be? How to improve your chances of success?

It is difficult to provide suggestions with the information that's been provided, which is very little information at all.

The information we need to be of any assistance are the facts of the case. What's the nature of the abuse? Physical? Emotional? Have there been breaches of the IVO? Are the children named on the IVO? How old are the children? What time is the other parent spending with the kids? What time do you think the other parent should spend with the kids?

You can provide all of this information from an anonymous point of view, but it will help us immensely to provide you with some insight.

Alternatively, by all means, you can speak with the lawyers, but please don't make the mistake of thinking that nobody here can or wants to help you, because that simply isn't the case.