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QLD Ran into Car in Front of Me - What to Do?

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by ZACHAY ABERCROMBIE, 11 November 2015.


    11 November 2015
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    Turning on to main road with a left hand curve, I made a give way sign. The car in front of me stopped, then went and stopped, again and again (initially the road to the right was clear), and each time she unexpectedly stopped, I drew closer due to reaction time. After 3 times, I glanced right to make sure it was clear, (it was) and went. Unfortunately, she hadn't moved and I hit her back bumper and dented it. She apologised profusely for causing the accident, and went on her merry way....

    It wasn't until I got a call from debt collectors from a collection agency demanding $1500 for a new bumper, (as the car insurance company put it in their hands) that I even new about it....

    I told him, "I'm a disabled pensioner and I am quite happy to pay it off at $10 a fortnight". To which I was told "that's not good enough". I further advised him that if pressured for large payments, i would declare myself bankrupt and no one would get any money.

    Should I be worried about this ending up in court and the decision going to the plaintiff...and them getting more than the offered $10 fortnightly, which would cause me financial hardship?
  2. Sophea

    Sophea Guest

    I assume you don't have insurance for third party property? You are generally deemed to be at fault if you run into a car in front of you. A court judgement is a possibility if debt collectors are chasing you. They are not obliged to accept a proposed payment plan.

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