NSW Car reversing out of the driveway collided with me

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11 September 2014
Hi, I need some advice. I was driving out of my driveway to do a right hand turn. There was a lot of traffic in the left hand lane and when the lights changed cars left a gap for me to pass through (get out) I could see there was no traffic coming down the right hand lane, so a accelerated ready to turn, I was doing about 10 or 15km.

As I entered the right hand lane and was about to turn the wheels to enter it a car reversed out of a driveway in front of me and smashed straight into the front of my vehicle, twice. After the first hit he went forward and must have released the brake and hit the car again. After the first hit my car was stopped, so in the second hit I was stationary

I pulled over the side of the road and the driver of the other car got out, pleading with me to let it go. I was surprised that given the impact of the collision there was so little damage done to my car. I photographed the rego of the other car and took the drivers details. By the time I did this the other driver became angry saying it was my fault and I should pay for the repairs to his back bumper bar.

I had to go to work so I left without getting details of the many witnesses. I called the Police who informed they don't get involved in minor accidents, however advised that I call my insurance as the computers in the engine should be checked despite there was only scratches to by bumper. I drove to work about 18km

I will be having the car assessed tomorrow for any internal damage. I contacted the guy to let him know. He said that he also contacted the Police and told me it was my fault and I should pay for the repairs to his car????

Whose fault.............

What happens if he is not insured?


24 June 2018
What happened with this Claudia, I am having similar issues at the moment and I'm not sure what to do?

I was in an accident while driving a friends Mum's car. I am under 25, but on my full license, so the excess for the accident is upwards of $2500.

He was reversing onto the road from a drive way (with hazard lights on), but it was a thin road with cars parked on both sides, so I only saw him just as I got to him. I did an emergency stop, but I was directly behind him by the time the car stopped. He was still moving so to try avoid a collision I tried to get out of the way going forward. However, he hit the back of the car.

He took a photo of my license and I got his number. It was a company vehicle so when I phoned him back he put me directly in touch with his manager. Since then the company has refused to give up his address, he has stopped replying to me and without his address the claim cannot be processed and the insurance is saying I am payable for the excesses.

Bill Murray

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6 June 2018
The reversing car is always at fault.

I'm not sure what state you are in S.Grant but most states require that a driver gives you certain details. They did not provide said details. Report it to the Police.


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6 April 2016
Most people as they go about their travels around the city from time to time will notice certain unbelievable driveways in horrendously bad positions and your thought is "geez, i would hate to live there and have to get out of that driveway every day" Well what happens is, the people who do live there become 'desperado's' and perpetrate extreme maneuvers to get out, and inevitably it leads to an accident.

My opinion is, you did not tell them to live in that house did you? So why should they pass on the consequences of that to you? No, that is unacceptable, if they cannot handle the driveway safely THEN MOVE!