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    SA Car Private Seller Gave False Model Description - Options?

    Hi, I bought a 2006 Honda Civic 2 months ago. Before buying, I checked everything from mechanic, ownership, year made, VIN and it 's all good. The car is performing well up to expectation. However, I have only found out that the model description that the seller told me is incorrect, silly me...
  2. L

    VIC Defective Secondhand Car Purchased from Honda Dealer - What to Do?

    My partner and I have purchased a second hand Honda Civic 2008 from Northway Honda dealer with 104000km and the cost was $9991 which it's been paid off. It was due to a service and we took the car to Yarra Honda for the service, to find out that there were some issues with: power steering...
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    VIC Consumer Rights on Faulty Secondhand Car?

    Hi, I have recently purchased a 2005 Honda Accord with 168,000kms from a used car dealer. One week after buying, I found rain was leaking into the boot and causing mildew. I took car back and dealer said he couldn't fix it easily as it was hard to source the problem and suggested I put some...
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    NSW Australian Consumer Law - Who is Liable to Fix Car?

    Hi, I just bought a second-hand car for $5,980 from a used car dealership last week, 14 Feb 2017. It is a 2002 Honda Jazz, odometer 100,493 km, with 1 year warranty of National Warranty Company, and I drove it from the yard to my house for only 47 km. And just the next day (15 Feb 2017), the...
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    VIC Car Accident - Unreasonable Quote by Other Party

    Hi, I've been involved in a car accident last week. What happened was even though I've stepped on my break, my car still rolled to the front a bit slowly which I didn't realise until I hit the other person's car (base model 2001-2003 Honda Jazz). There were no big damage besides 2 small...