ACT Police Caught Me Urinating in Public - Criminal Record?

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24 August 2015
Last Sunday at 5am I just finished peeing on the corner. I was caught by police for urinating in public. The police took pictures and got my details. They said the fine comes around $200.

Is there any possibility to appear court and get criminal record? Or it just comes as an infringement letter? If I appear in court, do I need to go with a criminal lawyer?


LawConnect (LawTap) Verified
27 May 2014
Wait for the fine to come in the mail (1 week - 6 months) and then post exactly what crime you have been charged with. Police sometimes change their mind, esp after talking to the Sen-Sergeant back at the station, and might throw in an extra offence or 2 in to make their stats look better.

You'll have time after the mail arrives to get advice. Don't panic now, it is much too early.

BTW, you could at least have used a nearby bush/tree if a toilet was not nearby!