NSW Plaintiff's Solicitor Fee - Is Cost Assessment Worth It?

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Sanjaya Shrestha

Active Member
7 November 2018

I represented myself as a defendant for a case filed by a plaintiff for a disputed amount around 14K in local court listed as general division. The court-annexed arbitrator made the decision on 75%-25% on plaintiff's Statement of claim where the order is given as an award in favour of the plaintiff against the defendant. The defendant to pay the plaintiff's costs as agreed or assessed.

I am surprised to find the plaintiff's solicitor fee which is:

1. almost 100% of the awarded cost.
2. though the decision was not 100% to the plaintiff, I had been provided with an invoice by the plaintiff's solicitor which includes full legal cost incurred to the plaintiff.
3. The first call-over hearing referred to arbitration as there was not detailed information about the claim in the plaintiff's application. The Registrar told in the call-over about how the application reached for call-over.

Please help if it is worth for cost assessment and what would be a fee incurred for cost assessment.