VIC Outside employment while suspended in APS

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30 May 2017
Hi, I have been suspended for around 7 months now and I'm wondering about looking for outside employment while I'm suspended. I am in the APS and their code of conduct says employees must obtain approval before commencing outside employment, what happens if I were to get outside employment and don't get approval?
I'm am worried if I do seek approval they might knock it back.

I have been told that termination is what they are looking to do, unless I can give them a reason to change their mind. I sent a letter giving my reasons and the suspension has been extended another month. Some people have suggested to me they are trying to drag it out hoping I resign or give up. Everyone I talk to says I should get legal advice as they feel the penalty doesn't fit the crime. My concern is that I can't afford a massive legal bill if things don't go my way. Not sure what I should do.


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27 May 2014
Suspended with pay?

If you are tired of staying at home, or not interested in holidays, then seek approval for other work. Do not give then a valid reason for termination.

re: Suspension. You should at least seek some preliminary legal advice on what to do and what to say to the employer.


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31 October 2015
Rod is on the money. Be careful not to give them grounds for termination. You shouldn't have a problem asking, but 7 months suspension seems unreasonable, you really need to speak with a Lawyer.