QLD Out of time - do I submit a statement of claim after misconduct tribunal?

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27 February 2019
Hi Everyone,
I've got a unique situation. I believe I am entitled to compensation due to somebody breaching their duty of care to me but the 3 year limitation period comes up next week and I'm yet to lodge a statement of claim with the court. I'm comfortable I satisfy all the elements to pursue it but I'm also making a conduct complaint to their professional body which will bring a lot more information evidence to light but I'm also assuming it will drag on for some time beyond the limitation period.

My question is; if I'm making a professional misconduct (not legal profession) complaint will the new evidence that is discovered create a new cause of action to make a civil claim or is there a form I can submit requesting an extension of time until the misconduct complaint is completed? Alternately am I better off running the two concurrently?

Apologies if I haven't articulated this very well. Thanks for your help.