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The Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico) is a Roman Catholic university with its main campus in Ponce, Puerto Rico. It provides courses leading to Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees in the areas of education, business administration, science, and arts and human studies. The university is also home to a Law School and, in August 2010, it inaugurated a School of Architecture in downtown Ponce. The university's original name, Universidad Católica de Santa Maria, was changed in 1950 to Catholic University of Puerto Rico with the graduation of its first class. On 25 January 1991, the name was again changed to its current name, after Pope John Paul II bestowed the title of pontifical.

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    NSW Drafting pleadings in a statement of claim in tort

    Hi, I am new here and wondered if someone can answer my questions related to the statement of claim form 3B and the litigation process. My case is complex as it is in intentional torts however I have spent several months researching and I understand the difficulty in following court rules...