WA Neighbours Continuously Taking Photos of Me and My Family - What to do?

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15 February 2015
Is it legal for someone to take photos of me, my family & my property continuously? My neighbours have been doing it for months & used this as evidence in VRO (violence restraining order). Anything I can do about it?

Sarah J

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16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Seant,

This thread: "Privacy breach - photography by individuals without consent?" appears to address your query.

Basically, there is no right to privacy in Australia. However, there is limited privacy protection under general law, possibly under the action of tort of nuisance or defamation.

I suggest contacting a lawyer to do some case law research for you on your particular situation. If they are taking photographs of you and your family in your house, there may be an issue. However, people are generally free to take photographs for investigative purposes.
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